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About Perfection Rx Pharmacy

Our name was determined by a story we heard about the greatest golfer of all time.

Mr. Jack Nicklaus, admitted to shedding a tear when he watched Secretariat win the Triple Crown at the Belmont Stakes in 1973.

Secretariat won the race by an unbelievable 31 lengths. When Mr. Nicklaus spoke with sportswriter Heywood (Woody) Braun about his tearful reaction to the race, Mr. Braun is quoted as saying:

“Jack, don’t you understand? All your life in your game you’ve been striving for perfection. At the end of the Belmont you saw it.”

Just like Mr. Nicklaus, Perfection RX, LLC strives for perfection at every opportunity. To do this we bring to our operation:
     Low cost FDA approved medications
     Great customer service
     Attention to every detail (regulatory, legal, training, etc.)

To do all the above and become a perfect operation you must listen and learn. President Lyndon Johnson once said

“You ain’t learning nothing when you’re talking.”

Please send us your comments and suggestions to help better serve you!